My Very Colorful Yet Affordable Caribbean Island Style

I do not believe in spending loads of money for warm weather clothes. Something about the fact that there’s minimal fabric means that the prices should also be minimal. Haha! Seriously – much of my warm weather clothing has been thrifted, repurposed, or purchased at extremely low prices.

I’m sharing some of my inexpensive Caribbean outfits, that also reflect the colorful, relaxed vibes of the islands, mon! Shopping info is included…

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These Are My Best Sample Sale Finds

Depending on the selection and pricing, sample sales can be hit or miss. I’ve gone to a couple that I was completely disappointed in. However, I’ve walked away from others with bags of goodies, blown away by the great merchandise and discounts.

So, I want to share the items I’ve gotten that I adore (along with the prices) to show the value that can come from shopping at sample sales.

theresa on the town - Best Sample Sale Finds

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