Playing Cutesy With Camouflage

Alright friends — the tomboy in me has spoken. I’m ready to declare that camo is officially my favorite pattern to wear.

I’ve always been drawn to it, but my now obsession was fueled by a search for a utility jacket that led me to this site (with lots of vintage camo patterns).

Here’s what I like about it: it’s versatile. The look and feel is masculine and you can push that even further to create a hard look. The other option is to feminize it to create an unexpected, yet edgy vibe. Let’s use Rihanna as an example because she executes camo flawlessly.

For my life, I went with a more cutesy looking, pairing the camo with a purple suede skirt (unexpected, right?) and gold metallic booties, which This poncho hoodie is X and is custom designed by my boyfriend (also a camo fanatic) who just started a line of bespoke camo jacket and hats.

I’m trying to be good to be body and cut down on lugging around so much stuff. My chiropractor recommended a backpack (as opposed to a tote bag), so I found this Herschel bag at a sample sale. Great purchase – large but not overbearing, lightweight, and padded so it’s extremely comfortable on my back. It’s their Little America bag (similar options from the brand are here, here, and here).


Fun and Flirty with Fringe

I love flare…and by flare, I mean embellishments. This includes, but is not limited to beading, sequins, rips and frays, zippers, buttons…..and fringe!!

As a matter of fact, I have a collection of Minnetonka boots and each pair is decorated with fringe (don’t judge me – I bought all of these before becoming aware of the atrocities of Native American cultural appropriation).



I enjoy embellishments because they are fun, interesting, and add character. When I’m shopping, I *always* look for subtle (or not so subtle) elements that add character. I never want to look plain. See how the fringe detail took this ‘ole gray dress from a “plain” to “say what?!”

This dress is from Zadig and Voltaire. This is my first piece from this French brand and – to no one’s surprise – I got it at a big sale they were having at their Soho location. I’m a fan of the chic French aesthetic and their take on core wardrobe pieces, like the items below.

What I adore about this particular dress (in addition to the fringe) is that it’s unassuming in the front, with the surprise in the back.

Gray and brown (the bag) isn’t the most likely pairing, which is why I like it! Together, they give off super chill warm weather vibes.

The shoes are Vans. By the way, Vans and Converse Chuck Taylors are my favorite casual tennis shoes. They’re classic (my oldest pair of Chuck Taylors are at least 15 years old) and can be worn with anything. Also, they come in basically any colorway you could possibly think of. Lastly, they look amazing on long legs. #tallgirltip

I’m Enjoying Wearing Prints and Texture

Hi! I’m Sabrina and I love prints. This is a new development. You see – I used to wear alot of solids, which are always core pieces to have your wardrobe. I felt as though solids could be mixed and matched and repurposed with no problem, whereas prints wouldn’t be as versatile or that I would get tired of them.

But, I’m bored with solids and mixing prints is fun! Plus, wearing a mature or sophisticated print confidently is a 30 something#grownwoman move, which I’m definitely here for…!

I’ve mentioned this before on the blog, but there are a couple fashionistas that wear and mix prints flawlessly (hint: one is Beyonce’s sister and the other is Diana Ross’ daughter…okay those are bad hints, I know I know).

Lately, I have been opting for texture and prints to spice up my looks. They are interesting and add dimension beyond a basic flat solid.

For this outfit, I combined a print and textured piece to create this fun, interesting look.

If you hadn’t guessed, the shirt is vintage. The pattern and palette scream 90’s, more specifically “In Living Color” — check this out. It’s Versace, copped from La Poubelle Vintage,  a Brooklyn-based vintage shop. The green/yellow/purple is fun and energetic that makes me smile.

The skirt is also vintage, I picked it up from EV Vintage Collective, a shop located in the Village.

The purple created cohesion between the top and the bottom, while the black suede Schutz booties (similar version herehere, and here) round out the look, bringing together the black in the top with the texture of the skirt.

I can’t forget to shout out Long Tall Sally for the LONG white camisole layered underneath my top. This was my first purchase from that store and – let me tell you – I’m a happy customer. This cami is so long that I can actually tuck it in. I’m used to having cami’s ride up on me, not pretty or comfy. #tallgirlproblems

How do you think it all came together? How are you incorporating more prints and texture into your looks?

Old Navy Is My Recommended Activewear Brand for Tall Women

When shopping for activewear, I have three requirements for the fit and quality:

  1. Comfort – Good weight, not too heavy or too thin. Easy to move around in
  2. Security – No slipping or falling. Snug, but not tight. Sits right below the waist, not too low
  3. Performance – Has wicking fabric that dries fast and keeps me cool

Style is a nice to have, but not an absolute need for me because the clothes end up becoming drenched in sweat and dirty anyway :).

Keep reading for the brand that meets these requirements, while offering extended sizes that tall women can wear to get their physical fitness on!

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What I Wore In: Malaga, Spain

At first, I wasn’t too sure what to wear on my first trip to the south of Spain. I did research on the weather (of course) and looked at pictures of the area for inspo (Google Images to be exact…!)

The forecast showed 80 degrees (yay!), dropping to 60’s in the evening. Given the rich culture and ancient architecture of Spain (picture: ruins, beautiful archways, fortified brick palaces, colorful mosaics), I wanted to incorporate texture. I also wanted to wear colors that were somewhat muted; too bright of colors would have felt more tropical (better suited for the Caribbean-esque).

Here’s what I wore in Malaga, Spain…

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