What Paris Fashion Week Street Style Is Worth Remembering?

I LOVE street style, especially at fashion shows where there’s no reason in the world to hold back*. That would be like going to a movie theater and NOT getting popcorn dripping in butter. Right?

At a fashion show, you have to go all out*, because what better occasion is there where you can rock your best threads?

*within reason

……What do I mean by “within reason?” I’ll explain…

Jonathan Daniel Pryce

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Tall Fashionistas, Turn Your Fashion Week Frustration into Style Inspiration

When you love fashion, but fashion doesn’t love you back….

That’s how I feel when when fashion week rolls around every February and September.

It’s an exciting time for designers and clothes lovers, like myself. My excitement is tempered by the fact that most of the clothes are not even considerations for me to wear because my 5’9″ height is outside of the height designers produce for.

Here’s the good news, tall fashionistas: While we may not have our pick at many of the clothes off-the-rack, we can still source plenty of inspiration for our everyday styling.

theresa on the town - tall fashionistas

Brandon Maxwell

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