Old Navy Is My Recommended Activewear Brand for Tall Women

When shopping for activewear, I have three requirements for the fit and quality:

  1. Comfort – Good weight, not too heavy or too thin. Easy to move around in
  2. Security – No slipping or falling. Snug, but not tight. Sits right below the waist, not too low
  3. Performance – Has wicking fabric that dries fast and keeps me cool

Style is a nice to have, but not an absolute need for me because the clothes end up becoming drenched in sweat and dirty anyway :).

Keep reading for the brand that meets these requirements, while offering extended sizes that tall women can wear to get their physical fitness on!

theresa on the town - activewear tall womenIn the past, I have tried a variety of well known athletic brands – Nike, Champion, New Balance, Asics. I’ve found that Nike is the best all around for comfort, security, and performance….and they’re stylish! But, they’re also on the pricey side. Take these tights which I LOVE, for example. They are $120, which I think is expensive for workout gear.theresa on the town - activewear tall women

my favorite brand

My go to brand – which I highly recommend – is Old Navy because they are a great value.  These leggings (with tall size options, important for me being 5’9″) were $33, now marked down to $19!

theresa on the town - activewear tall women

Old Navy’s workout gear is of good quality and offered at amazing prices. If you’re looking for an even better deal – which I hope you are! – then it’s easy to get items on sale because Old Navy marks things down frequently. I recently stopped in the store and they were offering 40% off their workout clothes. Not surprising!

I am a thrifty shopper. So price is a main factor for me but quality is important too because I want my items to last and, therefore, stretch my money as far as possible. 😉

theresa on the town - activewear tall women

what I like about old navy’s fit

  • Comfortable, slim fit (not tight but not baggy either)
  • Sit right below the waist
  • Thick fabric but not heavy or baggy
  • Extra storage with mini-pockets in the inside to hold small items (I don’t think all their pants have this)
  • Long sleeves
  • Long length
  • Comfortable, slim fit (not tight but not baggy either)

…did I mention long? 🙂

The long sleeved tops and pullovers are great. Like the pants, they come in tall sizes! That means the tops hit below the waist and the sleeves fall below the wrists. A pics] of me wearing the tops are below (sorry for the poor quality).

theresa on the town - activewear tall women

Old Navy has comfortable options and heir prices are atleast half of what other activewear is selling for. Most importantly, they have tall sizes which fit well for longer frames!

In case you’re wondering about the yellow shoes, they’re Asics GT 2000 3 running shoes. They’re incredibly comfortable and lightweight. I’ve had a couple pair and run in them regularly.

Any other recommendations for brands or stores to check out for clothes to work out in?

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