Go See Mona at Muze Salon in NYC To Enhance Your Curls

*Disclaimer: This is not a fashion post…it’s a hair post and I’m sharing to promote Mona at Muze Salon who is a great stylist and to encourage women with natural hair to embrace your curls!

I was in search for a stylist who understands my natural hair journey, is willing to take the time to educate me on hair care management, and who I like (I’m big on customer service). That’s where Mona at Muze Salon comes in. Keep reading for the background on my natural journey and how Mona worked her magic on these wild tresses!

theresa on the town - mona at muze salon

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How to Make Delicious Homemade Popcorn in 15 Minutes

DISCLAIMER: This homemade popcorn is healthy and highly addictive!

I used to eat popcorn at the movies, covered in butter and sprinkled with table salt. Sometimes, I’d also eat microwaveable popcorn but I’ve given up using microwaves altogether at home. So, I stopped eating popcorn, not realizing there was a healthy alternative.

Then, I stumbled upon this recipe for homemade popcorn and am so happy I did! It is one of the most nutritious snacks out there – it contains fiber, antioxidants, and whole grains.

theresaonthetown-homemade popcorn

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