Fun and Flirty with Fringe

I love flare…and by flare, I mean embellishments. This includes, but is not limited to beading, sequins, rips and frays, zippers, buttons…..and fringe!!

As a matter of fact, I have a collection of Minnetonka boots and each pair is decorated with fringe (don’t judge me – I bought all of these before becoming aware of the atrocities of Native American cultural appropriation).



I enjoy embellishments because they are fun, interesting, and add character. When I’m shopping, I *always* look for subtle (or not so subtle) elements that add character. I never want to look plain. See how the fringe detail took this ‘ole gray dress from a “plain” to “say what?!”

This dress is from Zadig and Voltaire. This is my first piece from this French brand and – to no one’s surprise – I got it at a big sale they were having at their Soho location. I’m a fan of the chic French aesthetic and their take on core wardrobe pieces, like the items below.

What I adore about this particular dress (in addition to the fringe) is that it’s unassuming in the front, with the surprise in the back.

Gray and brown (the bag) isn’t the most likely pairing, which is why I like it! Together, they give off super chill warm weather vibes.

The shoes are Vans. By the way, Vans and Converse Chuck Taylors are my favorite casual tennis shoes. They’re classic (my oldest pair of Chuck Taylors are at least 15 years old) and can be worn with anything. Also, they come in basically any colorway you could possibly think of. Lastly, they look amazing on long legs. #tallgirltip

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