Best Websites to Locate Sample Sales

Sample sales happen frequently, especially in NYC. Here are the best sites that list upcoming sale information that helps alot to plan for them in advance.

theresa on the town - locate Sample Sales

best sites to locate sample sales

I’ve listed my top 4 websites. Because the sites are slightly different, I included what I like about each one and how I use them.

Sample Sally

The site has this calendar view to quickly see which sales are happening in the coming days.

theresa on the town - locate Sample Sales


On Chicmi’s site, each sale has a page that also displays sales happening nearby. This is a great feature to help map out logistics. In other words, assists with sample sale hopping!

For example, I selected NY as my city and then saw that this ASICS Warehouse sale is currently happening. At the bottom of the page, I see that Apropo and Emm Kuo are also having sales within a 5 minute walk.

theresa on the town - locate Sample Sales

The Stylish City

This weekly calendar view helps me map out when to attend each sale. This is important because ales run different durations (some are one day, while others last multiple days)

theresa on the town - locate Sample Sales

lazar shopping

This site shows sales by category. It also shows the last time the brand/store has had a sample sale. If they’ve had sales in the past, you can search reviews on Sample Sally or via Google.

theresa on the town - locate Sample Sales

How to use these sites to locate sample sales

First, subscribe to all of their mailing lists. That way, you get notifications of upcoming sales or updates on current sales (ex. when current sales get extended or have further discounts).

I typically start with Chicmi to see which sales are upcoming for the week. I make a shortlist of the ones that interest me based on designers/brands I like and others that are nearby that are easy to drop into.

Then, I use Sample Sally to get a sense of what type of sale it is (i.e. warehouse vs. sample) and where it’s located. There are times when I’m interested in the designer but – from prior experience – I haven’t had positive experiences at the location and, therefore, would decide not to attend the sale after all.

Now that I know which sales I want to go to and which ones are near each other, I pull up The Stylish City to help me map out which days to go to each sale based on which days they last. Again – in any given week, they will overlap, despite that some last only one day while others last multiple days.


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