The Only Way to Wear Long Flared Jeans When Youre Tall

As opposed to cropped flares, long flared jeans can be tricky to incorporate into your wardrobe when you’re tall. For starters, they (like every other pair of jeans) are not easy to find in long lengths. To add, they are hard to disguise when they’re too short. Unlike skinny jeans, for example, you can’t easily tuck them in your boots, roll them up, or wear them short because they would look wonky.

For that reason, I have one hard and fast rule for wearing long flares…

Long Flared JeansI only wear flares (jeans or pants) if they’re extra long. If they are not long enough to nearly graze the ground – wearing a shoe – then they are too short. If I’m wearing them with heels, then the bottom of the pants has to hit the bottom of heel.

Long Flared Jeans

Long Flared Jeans

I was fortunate enough to have found these super long high waisted Veronica Beard flared jeans on sale at Intermix. They are paired with an off-white vintage top (isn’t the beading lovely?) that I picked up from the Manhattan Vintage Show. The shoulder pads give it volume at the top, which creates an interesting silhouette when coupled with the flares.

I’ve had these fabric Nine West heels for about 10 years. When you find a good heel, hold on to it!

Long Flared JeansLong Flared Jeans

Long Flared Jeans

Long Flared Jeans

Long Flared Jeans

Do you ever face challenges wearing long flared jeans?  How do you work around them? If you’ve found a good pair, where did you get it from?


Long Black Flared Jeans:

Veronica Beard – used option here. Old Navy has long & tall options and, of course, ShopStyle

Wrap Top with Tassels:

It’s vintage, but ShopStyle is a good resource to find similar options

Yellow Fabric Sandals:

Nine West – similar versions are below and available on Amazon

(shop by clicking directly on the link)



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