Playing Cutesy With Camouflage

Alright friends — the tomboy in me has spoken. I’m ready to declare that camo is officially my favorite pattern to wear.

I’ve always been drawn to it, but my now obsession was fueled by a search for a utility jacket that led me to this site (with lots of vintage camo patterns).

Here’s what I like about it: it’s versatile. The look and feel is masculine and you can push that even further to create a hard look. The other option is to feminize it to create an unexpected, yet edgy vibe. Let’s use Rihanna as an example because she executes camo flawlessly.

For my life, I went with a more cutesy looking, pairing the camo with a purple suede skirt (unexpected, right?) and gold metallic booties, which This poncho hoodie is X and is custom designed by my boyfriend (also a camo fanatic) who just started a line of bespoke camo jacket and hats.

I’m trying to be good to be body and cut down on lugging around so much stuff. My chiropractor recommended a backpack (as opposed to a tote bag), so I found this Herschel bag at a sample sale. Great purchase – large but not overbearing, lightweight, and padded so it’s extremely comfortable on my back. It’s their Little America bag (similar options from the brand are here, here, and here).


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