Shop Sample Sales For Tall Sizes and To Save Money

I went to my first sample sale at the CFDA Fashion Incubator Studio, recapped in this post. Now, I’m hooked. They are great for two reasons: 1) to find longer clothes -and- 2) to save money.

theresa on the town - sample sales for tall sizes

find longer clothes

Clothing samples are typically designed for models, which means they are for taller heights (and smaller sizes). We all are not model sizes, so don’t get discouraged. Depending on the item, it could work. Be open minded and remember that no two sales are the same, which means that sizing can and does vary! At the Mackage sample sale, for example, they have sizes from XS to L.

Save Money

Because the samples are not sellable via stores/retailers (or maybe they’re excess inventory), they are marked down so the brands/designers can get rid of them! I’ve saved hundreds on items. For smaller sales – where the designers are actually present – it’s even possible to negotiate (especially if you purchase multiple things).

bonus: easier shopping experience

Samples sales are generally less hectic than shopping in the stores. Why? Because they aren’t top for mind for most shoppers. Even if the samples are well known, they’re usually organized very well so that only a certain number of people are allowed on the sales floor at once. That means you have to be strategic about when you attend (I’ll cover this in another post; see other topics I’ll be covering in my “Sample Sale Series” below).


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Also I write reviews after attending the sample sales. You can find them here. I’ll periodically add others that link to Sample Sally, where I am a contributor. Stay tuned!

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